It’s Mothers Day and Tracy does her best to get back on Deirdre’s good side, but Deirdre wants some answers about her daughter’s behaviour. Tracy quickly tires of Deirdre’s constant questioning and blurts out that she’s only using Claire as a friend until the trial is over. Deirdre’s suspicions are aroused and she heads over to the Peacocks to dig for information. Deirdre discovers that Claire became friends with Tracy around the time that Charlie started ‘abusing’ Tracy. Deirdre asks Claire whether she ever saw Charlie attack Tracy and when Claire admits that she didn’t, Deirdre’s worries about the truth of Tracy’s version of events continue to grow.

Jodie Morton moves into No 6 with the rest of her ragtag family – Granddad Morton, dad Jerry, twins Mel and Darryl, and little sister Kayleigh. Gail and Claire watch their new neighbours move in and are hopeful of a better class of neighbour as the family struggle inside with expensive gadgets and a plasma screen TV. But as the bickering starts in the bedrooms and music goes on full blast, their hopes are shattered! Gail attempts to have words, but the ever cheerful Jerry manages to talk her round.

Liam thinks he has Leanne right where he wants her after promising to get Janice her job back if Leanne agrees to go on a date with him. Leanne is furious when she finds out that Liam has conned her into a date – he gave Janice her job back first thing in the morning!

Also, Paul buys off Ryan with an expensive gift to make up for his over-the-top reaction after the joyriding incident; and the Street’s mums celebrate Mothers Day.