As Ken and Deirdre return from Portugal they’re pleased to hear Peter’s started making funeral arrangements. Ken goes to Blanche’s room and finds a letter titled ‘In the event of my death’. He brings it down to show a tearful Deirdre, who reacts angrily towards him for going through Blanche’s things.

Safely back in Weatherfield, Norris tells the story of his kidnap to anyone who’ll listen and predicts that Mary is now in custody. But when he hears she’s been released without charge he panics, hoping she’ll keep well away from him from now on.

Becky’s nervous about the social worker’s visit so Claire offers to help with a dry run. But she takes her role far too seriously and Becky comes out more terrified than ever.

Also, Peter and Tyrone join Trev’s secret World Cup party and Kirk wants to give it another try with Izzy.

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