Deirdre’s testimony worries Ken

Ken tries to keep the peace at the Barlows’, but Blanche knows that something is going on and she’s furious with Tracy for making Deirdre ill. Meanwhile, Tracy is still fuming that Peter has betrayed her by starting a romance with Maria and she drowns her sorrows at Steve’s while telling him all about her woes. Ken is still worried about Deirdre and he tells his wife that he’s concerned her health is suffering with all the stress of the trial. Ken tries to persuade Deirdre to consider not taking the stand.

Janice is still not happy about Leanne’s insistence that she’s going to continue escorting and she hides her mobile phone to stop Leanne working. Leanne confronts Janice about the missing phone, but the pair make amends. Janice is forced to accept Leanne’s decision but she insists that she at least wants to make sure that Leanne is safe. Janice asks Leanne to tell her exactly where and when she’ll be working and Leanne reluctantly agrees.

Doreen arrives to stay over at Rita’s while she’s having work done on her house and she turns up at the flat with everything but the kitchen sink, plus a large bottle of vodka! Norris is less than impressed as Doreen starts to lug her belongings inside.

Also, Kayleigh is bored and Granddad seizes the opportunity to teach her a few of his tried-and-tested short-changing scams.