This heart-pounding sci-fi thriller is brilliantly made by director Tony Scott and Denzel Washington makes a sterling hero.

He plays the detective on the trail of a mad bomber (Jim Caviezel) who’s blown up a New Orleans ferry with a huge loss of life.

Washington becomes convinced that a victim (Paula Patton) holds the secret to events and then he’s given access to a nifty, hi-tech FBI gadget that allows him to travel into the past – but by only four days and he can only review an event once, meaning it’s vital he doesn’t miss any clues.

So, can he stop the bomb and save hundreds of people..?

The plot is, of course, outlandish but it isn’t as baffling as it sounds and makes for an endlessly inventive and hugely exciting sci-fi mind bender, especially in the standout sequence – a brilliantly staged car chase that occurs simultaneously in the present and four days in the past.