A loved-up Del and David finally make it to the bedroom but Del uncovers a secret that will destroy her happiness. David’s mobile rings when he is out of the room and instead of finding the phone, Del discovers the cash he stole from Val. Caught out, David admits he did it because Pollard swindled his dying mother out of her life savings. He wants revenge, but still wants to be with Del. Heartbroken, she flees his house, vowing to have nothing to do with him.

The King brothers are unnerved by the new evidence implicating them in their dad’s death and start to become suspicious of each other. Matthew implies to Carl that Kelly has provided a false alibi for
Jimmy, but Carl and Jimmy suspect ruthless Matthew is the most capable of carrying out a murder. He accuses his two brothers of trying to frame him and the trio start to brawl.

Emily and Sam bond over all the hard times they’ve been through and she promises to always be there for him and Samson.