Denise cheats on Ian

Denise has a sexy new dress for her engagement party at the Vic. Feeling a bit self-conscious in such a revealing outfit, Denise is pleased when Lola insists she looks great. At the party, Denise’s confidence plummets when Ian insensitively tells her to cover up. Fatboy follows Denise as she flees to the ladies’ toilets. Finding her upset, he moves in to comfort her and they kiss…

Johnny offers to help Linda out with the catering for Denise and Ian’s engagement party as a way of offering an olive branch. Relieved when Linda seems to thaw towards him, Johnny is then left shocked when she suggests he ask out Whitney. When a revealing Page 3 picture from Linda’s past surfaces, Johnny is upset that Linda doesn’t seem bothered.

Kirsty tries her best to convince Max not to dump her, but he won’t change his mind – he wants nothing more to do with her. Feeling at her lowest ebb without even Carl around to turn to, Kirsty drowns her sorrows in the Vic. After some frank advice from Shirley, Kirsty  takes revenge on Max before leaving Walford for good.