Denise has a confession for Kush!

When Denise lays her feelings on the line for Kush, will he forgive her?

Denise can’t hold back on her feelings for Kush any longer and invites him out for a drink. When Carmel finds out that Kush is meeting up with Denise, she’s concerned he’ll end up hurt again. At the Vic, Denise is honest about everything that happened. Apologising sincerely for her behaviour over the last few months, Denise tells him she loves him. Can Kush get past what happened?

Louise can’t get Madison and Alexandra’s warning about Travis out of her head, although she doesn’t want to believe they are right. When Travis tries to kiss her, however, she panics and runs off.

Also, Lauren opens up to Stacey. Michelle waits for Tim to call her to talk about the divorce.