Denise discovers Lucas’s lie

Lucas insists that Trina has lied about them sleeping together. Denise apologises to Lucas for not believing that Trina would try to split them up. It’s not long before Denise finds out the truth, however, when Patrick reveals that Trina’s story is true.

A devastated Denise confronts Lucas, who insists that he loves her, but she tells him to get out. Later, Lucas secretly meets up with Trina.

Roxy is angry with Jack when she discovers that Jack compared Ronnie to Archie and she points out that today was Danielle’s birthday. Ronnie calls Roxy and reveals that she’s not coming back to the Square. Jack refuses to tell Roxy what they argued about. Roxy tells Christian that Ronnie has left and she’s angry when he suggests now that Ronnie is gone she can make a play for Jack.

Christian goes to the pub with Amira and Syed. Christian is annoyed when Syed catches Christian chatting with Amira and tells him to leave. Christian tells Syed that he’s sick of his threats and tells him to cut it out or he’ll tell Amira about their kiss.

Also, Minty plans a night in with Manda, but she stands him up; Ian plays a prank on the Masoods.

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