Denise discovers Lucy’s phone and wallet!

Denise promises to look into it when Patrick reveals the council are taking away his allotment. Distracted by the worry of Shabnam’s discovery, Denise is relieved when Shabnam insists she’ll forget what happened and return to work as they can replace the items she stole. Finding Patrick on the phone to social services, Denise feels terrible when he admits he wants to go into a care home to make things easier on her. Insisting it won’t happen, Denise heads to the allotment to tidy it up. Digging over the allotment, Denise discovers Lucy’s mobile phone and wallet buried in the soil…

Ian and Jane are frantic with worry about a missing Bobby and the police are involved in looking for him. When Carol arrives she reveals that Bobby sent a video message to Tiffany as the pair had been planning to run away together. Masood finds Bobby hiding in the woods, not far from where Lucy was murdered. When they get Bobby back to the Square he reveals he was trying to help with the murder investigation – and he wants to move back to Walford.

Sonia is evasive after planning a trip to Hastings for a course when Pam wants to know where she’s staying. Heading off for the trip, Sonia instead buys a ticket to Stansted Airport. Where is she really going?