Denise dumps Ian!

It’s the opening of Sadie’s salon and a stressed Ian persuades Denise to help him prepare the canapes.  When Ian leaves Denise to manage on her own, she ropes in Kim, who leaves her to do all the work anyway when she gets distracted by Sadie’s treatments. Ian tries to fob off Denise with Bobby as helper, leaving Denise at the end of her tether. Ian is stunned when Denise finishes with him.

Finding Danny in the gym office, Michael’s furious to discover that Jack has sold his half of the gym to Janine. Hoping Dot will change Jack’s mind, Michael tells her Jim will be disappointed that Basher Brannings will be no more, not knowing that Janine has promised to keep the gym’s name. After Dot warns Michael not to let Scarlett get caught up in his feud with Janine, Michael impresses Janine with his professional attitude.

Bianca talks Kat into going on a double date with her and her speed date Colin. Although Kat isn’t keen, she’s pleasantly surprised to discover her blind date Ted is really hot! Bianca is jealous of Kat’s date and tries to convince her to swap. When Ted overhears Bianca criticising Colin, he and Colin make a swift exit.