Max buys Stacey a pair of earrings to make up for the one he had to throw away but he accidentally drops the receipt at home. Meanwhile, Tanya excitedly tries to guess what Max will buy her for her birthday and she’s pleased when she finds the jewellery receipt and assumes that it’s a posh present for her. Max slips out for some time with Stacey and returns to a scene of domestic bliss as Tanya prepares dinner. Abi whispers to her mum that she knows what Max has bought Tanya for her birthday. Tanya is stunned when Abi reveals it’s a bag…

Denise puts on a brave face about Kevin’s continuing absence but the cracks are starting to show and when the postman arrives with a package for Kevin, she falters. Denise looks to Shirley for reassurance that Kevin wouldn’t have killed himself but Shirley refuses to calm her fears. Denise breaks down on Libby and Chelsea and apologises for putting them through another horrible situation. Pat suddenly bursts in and announces that Kevin is alive – she’s got proof – the business account was cleared out last night.

Ben talks to Abi and Lauren about Peggy’s holiday but he’s happy as he thinks that Phil will be forced to spend more time with him. Ben is stunned when he returns home to find that Phil is working and Stella is cooking dinner for him. Ben maliciously decides to delete her work from her laptop but Stella catches him red-handed before any damage can be done. Stella has Ben right where she wants him when she agrees not to tell Phil about his latest mischief-making as long as he makes an effort to get along with her.

Also, Carly is anxious when Phil demands his money for the smashed up car; Yolande encourages Bert to enrol Jay in Walford High.

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