After a long conversation with his surprise visitor, Ian is thoughtful and finally makes a decision about his plans to propose to Denise. Meanwhile, Denise is looking miserable at the B&B and when Nancy’s fiance Wayne checks in, he talks her into going for a drink to cheer her up. Flattered by his attention, Denise enjoys Wayne’s company, but she’s shocked when he tries to kiss her, turning him down. Returning to Ian’s, Denise is stunned when she discovers the engagement ring. When Ian returns, Denise pipes up before he’s had a chance to say anything, telling him she accepts!

Kirsty is downbeat after receiving divorce papers from Max. Confronting Max in the Square, Kirsty tries to convince her ex that they should give things another go. Despite Kirsty’s best efforts, Max is adamant that it won’t work. But when he later learns that Tanya has got herself a new bloke, Max is soon back in Kirsty’s arms.

AJ is in a dilemma when he’s offered a job in Birmingham. Although it’s a good opportunity, he’s settled in Albert Square now, and doesn’t want to leave Masood and Tamwar.