It’s the day of Lucas’s sentencing and Yusef supports Denise at court. Denise and Yusuf return to the B&B and Denise announces that Lucas has been given life in prison. Zainab goes to the B&B and is left alone with Yusef. Zainab flees when Yusef upsets her by talking about their marriage. Masood is taken aback when a tearful Zainab burst in. Zainab says she can’t deal with having Yusef in their lives and insists that they stop Tamwar and Afia’s engagement.

Ronnie turns down Glenda’s offer to go to her counselling session with her. Glenda spots Ronnie walking straight past the tube station and she follows her. Glenda finds Ronnie in the park and asks her why she didn’t go to her counselling session. Ronnie says she wasn’t in the mood and makes a fake phone call in front Glenda rearranging the session.

Kat is stunned when a friend from her time in Spain, Martina, turns up with her young daughter Shenice. Kat is furious with Martina as she was the one who shopped her to the police. Martina protests that the police threatened her with violence. Kat softens and tells Martina about losing Tommy. Alfie babysits Shenice so Martina and Kat can catch up.

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