*One-hour special*

In an extra hour-long episode, it’s the morning after the night before and a hungover Phil apologises to Shirley for what happened. Not knowing what Phil is going on about, Shirley leaves Phil confused when she makes it clear they didn’t sleep together!

Meanwhile, Denise is regretful about her argument with Libby, heading to the clinic to support her. Back in the Square, Denise, horrified with herself for sleeping with Phil, is relieved to realise Phil doesn’t remember. Libby points out Denise’s necklace is missing, leaving Denise concerned. Forming a plan to get her necklace back, Denise comes up with an excuse to see Louise and manages to get it back.

Ahead of the Pride of Walford Awards, Ian is determined to make the night perfect so that Beale’s can go out with a bang. Learning that Sonia is taking Bex to the event, Tina finds a way to spend time with Sonia by offering to help out when Ian is short-staffed. When Sonia wins an award, but is too embarrassed to say anything, Tina, who’s been at the booze, embarrasses Sonia with a drunken speech. After a nasty row with Sonia, Tina finds herself in the arms of another woman, Kyle’s friend Soph.

Also, Johnny gets the number of paramedic Tom.