Denise hears some home truths about Trina

Denise invites Trina to dinner so that Jordan can see his mum and Lucas can sort out the divorce. An angry Lucas insists that Trina is poison and will try to split them up. After dinner, Denise brings up the divorce with Trina. She’s left speechless when Trina tells her that she and Lucas have no plans to divorce as they slept together at Christmas.

Ian tells the Masoods that he wants to sell his shares in Masala Queen, as he needs the cash to pay for the cafe renovations. Syed suggests that the family lends Ian the money for the renovations to stop him selling the shares. Christian wants to know why Syed is so keen to help Ian and when he flirts with Syed again, Syed warns him to keep his mouth shut about their kiss.

Roxy asks Jack where Ronnie is and he lies that Ronnie is out at a meeting. Jack later finds Roxy in the Vic and asks if she’s seen Ronnie. Roxy is confused and Jack tries to cover his tracks, but Roxy is suspicious. Later, Roxy confronts Jack at the flat and discovers Ronnie’s abandoned engagement ring.

Also, Minty sees Manda with another man; Max and Bradley are made homeless.

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