Denise is questioned for murder

Denise is taken for questioning by the police and insists that she made her peace with Owen and hasn’t seen him since before her wedding. Libby is inconsolable when she realises her father’s body has been found. She’s furious with Liz when she discovers that Liz pointed the police in Denise’s direction. Chelsea, however, is troubled and brings up finding Trina’s bracelet in Denise’s bag to Lucas. Chelsea tells Libby about the bracelet and wonders if their mum killed Trina and Owen.

Glenda is determined to get her own back on Peggy and decides to play her at her own game. Glenda asks Phil to take a look at her ‘broken’ washing machine. Glenda buys Phil a drink and makes sure that Peggy is watching as she seductively puts her hand on her nephew’s knee. Peggy is horrified and can’t believe that Glenda would stoop so low.

Ryan has found Janine sleeping in his bed and wants to know why. Janine is defensive and storms off for a bath. Janine rails at Ryan when she discovers he hasn’t left but she breaks down when he heads for the door. Ryan softens and suggests they take a break and Janine happily agrees.

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