Denise sees make up on Lucas’s shirt and is concerned. Denise finds a strange receipt in Lucas’s wallet and a condom in his car and is terrified he’s having an affair. Denise confronts Lucas and demands an explanation. Lucas is consumed by rage and tells Denise that he needs to take her for a ride…

Danny is unhappy when Roxy tells him that she’s going to invest in DJ Steve’s new record label. Danny stirs things between the sisters to distract Roxy and he writes on DJ Steve’s record deck with an ultraviolet pen. Danny shows the fake address to Roxy to ‘prove’ that Steve is dodgy and the decks are stolen. Roxy is grateful and asks Danny to set up a joint account with her. Later, Glenda makes an entrance!

Darren tries to play it cool as he waits for Jodie, but he fears he’s been stood up. Libby turns up and asks if he’s been blown out for his date. Darren lies that his new girlfriend Jodie has just left, but he curses himself for lying when he remembers that Jodie is working in the salon with Libby’s sister Chelsea!

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