Denise keeps Fatboy a secret

Denise and Fatboy have spent a saucy afternoon together at the bed and breakfast. Denise makes Fatboy promise not to tell anyone about their fling. Denise is horrified when she sees Kim returning home, fearing they’ll be caught. As Denise quickly ushers Fatboy out of the house he gets in a cheeky kiss before he leaves!

Zainab is stunned as Syed confesses that he didn’t pay the restaurant mortgage, while Masood can’t bear to be in the same room as them and leaves. Syed tries to shift the blame first on to Tamwar for defaulting in the first place and then on to Zainab for not being honest with Masood. Tamwar despairs as Zainab comforts an upset Syed instead of attacking him for the mess he’s got them in.

Masood returns and after a huge argument, Syed storms out. Zainab is distraught when Masood refuses to forgive her for going behind his back and letting Syed lose all their money. Christian and Syed have their ‘first dance’ before the bailiffs pull the plug on the electrics. As Syed and Christian head off on their honeymoon, Tamwar returns home, only to find Zainab has left Walford.