Denise Fox is nervous when the social worker turns up to talk her through the adoption, as well as give her an update on her baby’s progress. When Kim won’t let up trying to find out more about the baby, it gets too much for Denise.

Later, Denise has an honest conversation with Kim about her feelings towards the adoption. When Keegan winds her up, Denise loses it, confronting him for being disrespectful. Soon, the situation spirals out of control…

Mick is still under pressure as he deals with the Vic’s plumbing problems and the Carters’ problems. When he realises that the pub is in bigger trouble than he originally thought, he struggles to keep his cool.

Also, Ian hides his concern when he’s told to see his GP after his health check. Ben and Jay are upbeat about moving into No.18 – until they realise quite how bad a state it’s in!