Ken plucks up the courage to go back to the street and talk to Deirdre, but when he spots her having a laugh with Eileen on the way to the Rovers the wind is taken out of his sails. Ken returns to Denise’s flat and miserably tells her that Deirdre seems to be getting on fine without him. Denise tells Ken that she wishes she’d appreciated him more when they were together and tries to kiss him, but Ken dodges her advances.

Leanne is in the doldrums following the events of the past few days and Janice tries to cheer her up with a meal at Roy’s Rolls. But they walk in on Kelly gossiping about Leanne’s latest escapade and a furious Janice slaps Kelly around the face. Steve and Lloyd attempt to break up their catfight.

Gail pesters David to attend his French exam as Amber heads off to school but David refuses to listen. Gail is frustrated as a flippant David insists that exams are pointless and he doesn’t care if he’s ruining his life!

Also, Jerry spends more time with Eileen and it’s clear that he’s sweet on her.