Denise gets suspicious that Kim is up to something!

Kim has a plan to find out if she and Denise really are sisters and she plots to get hold of her DNA, with a little help from Kush…

Kim tries to sneak a DNA sample from Denise with Kush’s help so she can send off the test to find out if they’re sisters. Denise soon realises that Kim is up to something and confronts her. Kim is forced into confessing the truth. What will Denise say?

Aidan is fast losing patience as the money from the job is still nowhere to be found. Taking matters into his own hands, he goes to extreme lengths in a bid to get answers. Will he finally find out the truth about the missing cash?

Masood has another go at making his aunty’s samosas but fails miserably. To trick Mariam into making them for him, he pretends that he wants to take some samosas to his fictional girlfriend’s family. At the chippy, Masood passes off the samosas as his own. When Robbie goes through the details about selling them at the market, however, a furious Mariam overhears!