Kevin and Shirley wake up together, but there is no morning after kisses for this pair. He tells his ex he made a mistake and wants to get back with Denise and make peace with his family. To his surprise, she agrees not to stir things and Kevin goes to see Pat.

Pat is furious at seeing the wanderer return and warns him he has a lot of making up to do. Deano is thrilled to see his dad back, but Denise is not so happy. When he finally appears on her doorstep, she tells him he is too late and slams the door in his face.

Stacey feels out of place when Max takes her to a posh restaurant for dinner and she ends up walking out. Her self-esteem hits rock bottom when she later spots Max treating Tanya like a lady.

Keith is annoyed by the way Rob is treating Dawn and decides he should be helping out financially. He tears himself away from his armchair and goes round to see Rob to squeeze £200 out of him.

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