Denise tries to win back Lucas

Chelsea tearfully begs Lucas to stay in Walford, but he insists his mind is made up. Meanwhile, Zainab finds out about Lucas leaving and she talks some sense into Denise, who realises that she doesn’t want to lose Lucas again. Denise rushes to the tube station to catch up with Lucas, spots him on the other side of the barriers and shouts out a proposal to him!

Danielle is squatting in Callum’s old flat, but she’s discovered by landlord Ian, who has brought Ronnie round to see about renting it. Ronnie stops Ian from calling the police and instead lets Danielle help her clean up the flat as Callum has left it in a mess. Ronnie pops out and when Roxy turns up with a flat-warming gift Danielle lets her in. Ronnie is furious to find Roxy and chucks them both out.

Jay sneaks out of the house to hang around Walford’s latest addition – a seedy massage parlour – and he tries to chat up one of the teenage working girls Marissa. Billy goes out looking for him and he’s furious when he finds Jay sitting inside a car, but Jay speeds off before he can have words with him.

Also, Dot and Peggy decide to stage a protest about the massage parlour.

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