Denise unwraps a gift that could ruin Phil!

In an hour-long Christmas Day episode, there’s Christmas cheer in the Mitchell house as Phil helps Shirley and Heather make up. When Ben tells Lola the friends fell out because the stalker planted black envelopes in Heather’s bag, a shocked Shirley overhears. She realises Ben is the stalker as only she, Phil and Heather knew about the envelopes. Meanwhile, Denise receives a mystery package. It contains the memory stick with the recording of Phil confessing to selling Kevin the cut-and-shut car that killed him. Denise smashes up Phil’s car and calls him a murderer!

Yusef screams at a terrified Zainab for kissing Masood. A shocked Afia overhears and tells Tamwar. Syed and Tamwar find out where Kamil is and Masood rescues his son. Zainab escapes and hides in an alleyway waiting for Masood, but Yusef captures her and drugs her. Masood and Tamwar break down the door. Masood punches Yusef and Syed calls the police. As Masood and Zainab declare their love for each other, Yusef escapes. Masood returns to the Bed and Breakfast and finds Yusef in his room with a lit match and a petrol can!

Michael decks out Butcher’s Joints with decorations, a tree and presents to cheer up Janine for being snubbed by Pat. Michael suggests Janine drop the gifts off to the family to gloat. Pat lets the kids keep the gifts, but tells Janine she’s still not getting a lunch invite!