Martha gives the locket to Dodger, but doesn’t have time to explain where she got it from. The Savages and Patrick go to Anna’s will reading and are shocked to discover Anna has left Will an eight-bedroomed house. Elsewhere, Dennis is concerned when Martha tells him about the necklace and accuses Will of killing his own mother.

A gutted Nancy is determined to get the stolen money back from Tom’s fundraiser. Feeling guilty, John Paul attempts to put matters to rest and help out a friend, so Nancy is shocked when he reveals that Chloe stole the money.

Tony is on edge while his flat is a hive of activity with the arrival of babies Ant and Dee Dee. Finn is lost in his own thoughts, thinking about his baby daughter, Bella, and is grateful when John Paul gets Amber Sharpe’s home address for him. Elsewhere, Diane reassures Tony that the same isn’t going to happen to their babies as what happened to Grace.

Also, as her lies accumulate, Sienna’s evil plan is destined to backfire.