Rita sees Dennis off to work in a suit and tie, but it’s clear he’s hiding something. Dennis starts training to be the new lollipop man outside Bessie Street School. Outgoing patrol officer Malcolm offers instruction while Dennis tries to avoid being recognised, but when Steve drives past he sees Dennis at work.

Tommy is still urging Tina to have an abortion. Tina points out they would owe Owen thousands if they back out, but Tommy thinks her welfare is more important. Later, Rita tells Tina she must reach a decision she can live with. Tina confesses that Tommy wants her to back out of the deal or face losing him and she’s uncertain of what to do. Izzy urges her to do what she really wants. Despite her future with Tommy at stake, Tina decides to continue with the pregnancy.

Eva’s uneasy when David talks to an excited Max about having a baby brother or sister. Eva tells Kylie, who’s furious that David’s got Max’s hopes up, and takes him to task, announcing she’s heading out with Eva!

Also, Leanne and Ken receive letters from Peter, which lead them to believe he has no plans to return.