Denni’s rage leads to tragedy

Lisa and Lucas grow closer and end up spending the night together. However, Lisa’s boyfriend Denni gets suspicious about what they’re up to and threatens to hurt Lucas unless Drew agrees to another race. Lisa visits Denni to try to talk him out of it but he responds violently. Luckily, Lucas gets to Denni’s in time to save Lisa but ends up becoming the target of Denni’s rage himself.

Drew and Ric manage to rescue Lucas and the trio speed away – but Denni bundles Lisa into his car and pursues the boys, determined to force them off the road. Calamity strikes when Denni fails to take a corner and crashes horrifically. Will Denni and Lisa survive?

With Annie mortified over being caught shoplifting, Irene realises she needs a mother figure in her life and suggests Annie move in with her. Initially Geoff isn’t keen, but after a word with Fisher, realises that Irene might be right. Geoff decides to let Annie choose where she wants to live, and after a lot of thinking, she takes Irene up on her offer.

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