Rita‘s worried as Dennis didn’t come home last night and decides to call Norma Dixon to see if she knows why. Rita’s shocked to hear that Dennis was engaged to Norma, but ran off on the day of the wedding.

Ciaran’s worked all night to get the buffet ready and as he delivers the food he thinks he’s pulled it off. But Ciaran panics when the customer claims his work’s not done yet, he needs to be at the venue to serve the food. Enlisting Tina’s help he asks Gail to open up the Bistro and races off. It’s touch and go as Ciaran avoids Nick’s calls and even bumps into Audrey at the party, but he pulls it off. However Nick smells a rat when Michelle lets rip at Nick for making Ciaran work all night, just as the customer meets Ciaran to hand over the cash.

Stella’s not happy with Karl after discovering how much money he threw away in the bookies, but Karl just can’t help himself, even betting on Aadi’s ability to sink a put.

Also, Leanne and Sunita decide to organise a nativity play when they hear the school one has been cancelled; Leanne makes an appointment with the doctor to discuss her trouble conceiving.