Dennis is frustrated that Blessing won’t come out of her room. When he cuts himself slightly at The Emporium, Dirk tells Blessing that Dennis has had an accident. She rushes into the shop in her PJs to help him but feels humiliated when she sees Dennis is fine and she’s stood in the middle of the village in her nightwear.

Holly is surprised when Cindy tells her about her mystery man. Cindy wants to tell Dirk, but her lover persuades her to keep him secret for a bit longer. Elsewhere, Holly confides in Sandy who then confronts Cindy, who manages to make it look like Holly’s attention seeking.

Phoebe inspires the McQueens to raise some money. Nana and Carmel go to The Hutch where Diane is cleaning the windows. Nana splashes some water on the floor and pushes Carmel over so they can claim. Diane is onto them and throws water at Nana, but it misses and goes all over Carmel.

Mercedes is delighted when Freddie tells her he didn’t give the gun to the police. She throws it in the river and goes to get her money from Grace. However, Grace isn’t giving her anything.