Denny and Ricky bond over Casey

Ricky tries to return the engagement ring back to Denny, but she refuses. Ricky tells her she shouldn’t erase Casey, but find a way to honour his memory. So Denny decides to learn how to surf with Ricky. 

Chris teases Spencer about his date with Amy, but Spencer is too excited to care. When Amy doesn’t show up, he does get some sympathy from a stranger called Keith. When Spencer texts Amy, the messages appear on Keith’s phone…

Gray thinks that Matt passing his exams is a pipe dream and it has a profound effect on him. Gray turns his anger towards Sasha insisting that she doesn’t really care for Matt. Sasha rebuffs Grey’s comments and tells him that she supports his son instead of undermining him. With that in mind, Gray brings Eloise around before his exam.

Kyle suggests Phoebe performs at an open mic night he is putting together, but she still needs space. When Phoebe is offered a spot as a support act for The Jezebels’ national tour, will Kyle leave his brothers and go with her?