Denny reveals her feelings to Casey

Denny invites Casey back to her place, but things don’t go to plan when Casey finds out that Denny didn’t tell Chris about their kiss. Feeling guilty, she asks Casey to leave and visits Chris to give their relationship another go. Chris senses that she isn’t doing it for the right reasons and says they should be apart. Denny comes clean to Casey that Chris broke up with her when she admitted she had feelings for him, much to Casey’s delight.

Roo returns home from visiting Coleen and is thrilled to hear that John and Marilyn are engaged. With Jett potentially sleeping on the spare sofa, Alf organises Jett to stay with Leah, but Marilyn isn’t totally sold on the idea. Maddy suggests she can move into the van with Josh but Roo tells her that’s never going to happen. As Maddy starts to act up at home, John feels he and Jett are in the way.

Kyle is concerned that Phoebe is dwelling on the decision she made about her father. He urges her to look to the future, but it’s Casey who makes her realise she needs to move on with her life. Wanting a clean slate, she decides to sell everything her father ever gave her, making Kyle wonder if this is really the right way to deal with things.