Denny says goodbye to Casey

The Summer Bay community and River Boys join the Braxtons to pay their last respects. Brax stands by Casey’s coffin when a funeral attendant brings him a note; it’s from Jake Pirovic and this sends Brax into a blind rage to track him down. It is left to Andy to bring Brax back to the funeral where he delivers a touching eulogy. Denny stands by Casey’s grave and throws in a single red rose. 

Cheryl apologises to her son for blaming him for Casey’s death. Kyle guesses Ricky is pregnant and convinces her to tell Brax. However, Brax meets Heath besides Casey’s grave and they plot their revenge against Jake Pirovic. Meanwhile, Ricky shows Denny some photographs she took of her and Casey at the beach, which causes Denny to collapse.

When Oscar arrives with Maddy at the wake, Josh asks Evelyn to go for a walk where he confesses that he slept with Maddy. Evelyn runs back to the wake and slaps Maddy across the face and accuses her of taking advantage of Josh when he was vulnerable. Marilyn realises how short life is and asks John to elope with her, which he agrees to.