Josh arrives home to find Ricky cleaning up and hands her a parcel, but Ricky isn’t quite ready to open it and refuses to let Denny keep her company. Later, Denny talks to Alf, who tells her not to give up on Ricky. When Denny goes back to visit Ricky, she discovers her distraught and manages to stop her ripping up pictures of Brax.

After a telling off from Evelyn about her infidelity, Hannah is floored when she sees the romantic effort Andy’s made for dinner and breaks down with guilt. Later, she goes to the gym to tell Andy everything, but can’t get her words out, so she quickly leaves. Later, she and Evelyn agree to say nothing, as it will crush Andy.

Oscar is acting like a drunken fool, but pipes down when Ricky walks through the door. Oscar apologises to Maddy and tells him he only started drinking because he thinks he’s too sensible and boring, but Maddy assures him that’s why she loves him.