At Home Farm, Robbie panics as Declan’s nowhere to be seen. Worried about how the situation has spiralled since his mum left, concern pushes Robbie to call her. Declan, meanwhile, has disappeared into the woods with a shotgun. As Megan arrives, she’s terrified to hear a shot ring out! When she eventually finds her brother, it’s a tense moment as terrified Megan wonders if she’s placed herself in danger. Fortunately, she talks Declan into returning home, where she realises just how broken he is as he destroys the last of what’s left of his fomer empire.

Having fired Ross for sleeping with her mum, concerned Debbie turns her attentions to Charity. She’s desperate for her mum to accept Jai’s juicy divorce settlement offer and move on.  But Charity just can’t get past Jai’s betrayal and when she sees of him with his love-child Archie, she vows to carry on fighting.

Victoria and Finn Barton have got off to a bad start, but the frost begins to thaw when Victoria finds out he’s gay. Will Vic end up being his BFF?