Former journalist and Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell talks about his 30-year battle with mental health issues in BBC2 documentary Depression and Me

Alastair Campbell, the journalist, broadcaster and former press secretary to Tony Blair, has battled with depression for more than 30 years after suffering a breakdown in the 1980s.

To try to keep the black dog at bay, he takes anti-depressant medication daily and does a lot of exercise.

In this intensely personal film, he wants to find out if there’s a way to get off the medication and live a happier life.

Depression and Me

Alastair Campbell looks at scientific ways to combat depression

He investigates the latest scientific trials and treatments, including brain stimulation therapy (pictured, top), blood tests, re-training his brain and the use of psychedelic drugs.

The treatment that has the most impact on him, however, is surprising, as it doesn’t require MRI scans or complicated medication… just something you’ll find on the breakfast table.

TV Times rating: ****