Derek goes for Joey!

Derek is hurt when Joey turns down his offer of a family lunch with him and Alice. When Alice convinces Joey to come along, he brings along Whitney, Lucy and the gang to wind up Derek, who takes the bait. Alice is horrified as Derek snaps and goes for Joey. When Alice realises that’s just what Joey wanted, she tells Joey that Walford is her home.

Kat gets the Queen Vic team together for trials, as one player will have to be left on the bench. Alfie is confident he’ll be on the team, but the others aren’t sure he’s good enough. Kat is loving being the boss of a team of men but, feeling too guilty to leave out Alfie, she bumps football wiz Ray from the team instead!

Lola is down on her 16th birthday as she’s due in court over vandalism charges. When Jay offers to miss the Queen Vic football trials to go to court with her, she says she’ll be fine. Lola returns home with a community service order and an ankle tag. Billy is mortified. Lola tells Jay she sabotaged the cars for his sake when he tries to defend Lucy turning her in to the police.