Derek’s hires hitman Andy, but he’s prevented from grabbing Roxy when the delivery van with the dodgy booze turns up. Derek is furious when he finds out that Roxy and Alfie have stolen his vodka. Derek tells Andy he wants him to do the hit. Andy goes to Roxy’s, but he gives her his pay off and says he wants nothing to do with the Mitchells. Roxy realises Derek called a hit on her. Shirley vows revenge.

Tyler thinks Anthony is pandering to Amira’s snooty standards when he takes the day off to spend time with her and reveals he’s booked them a hotel room. Anthony has food for thought. He gives Tyler his hotel reservation. Anthony scrubs the house and invites Amira round, saying he did it for her.

Dot intercepts Rose’s latest letter to ‘Snuggle Puss’. Dot dictates a replacement letter to Fat Boy telling Snuggle Puss to reject the temptations of the flesh and signs it ‘Rose Cotton’. Fat Boy looks at Rose’s original letter and discovers she’s using a fake name and PO Box address. A horrified Dot realises she’s just given Rose’s full details to a convicted murderer!