Derek makes a demand – with menaces

Anthony’s intimidated when Derek demands his money for the white goods as it’s money he and Tyler don’t have. Anthony is optimistic about making up the shortfall, but when his plan falls through he tells Derek they will pay him back weekly. A menacing Derek tells Anthony to get the four grand by tomorrow. Anthony loses money on a bet and confesses to Tyler they’re even further away from Derek’s four grand than they were before!

Tyler and Whitney struggle to contain their attraction when Tyler takes Whitney for a driving lesson. Tyler throws a party and Lucy flirts with Fat Boy to wind up Whitney, who takes the bait and flies at her. Tyler and Whitney accidentally get locked in the bathroom together. Fat Boy assumes they were getting it on and dumps Whitney.

Andrew and Heather go to Kim’s ‘Kimba’ dance fitness class, but are unimpressed with Kim’s dance moves. Heather’s surprised when Andrew turns out to have all the moves. Heather tells Andrew he’ll have to show George some dance moves when he’s older. Andrew worries about being there for Heather and George in the future and he takes home a poster for gastric band surgery.

Also, Patrick struggles for money.