Derek moves in on the Mitchell empire!

Ben has spent the night at the Arches. Derek buys Ben breakfast so he can secretly swipe Ben’s keys to the Arches. Later, Jay finds Derek with the Arches’ books in front of him. Derek is unfazed and pumps Jay for information on the Mitchell businesses. Derek visits Phil in prison and makes him an offer – agree to let him have a stake in the businesses or let Derek take the Mitchell empire by force. Phil reluctantly agrees to be partners.

Tanya is gutted to be losing her friend when Jane reveals she’s taking the job in Cardiff. Tanya joins Jane in the Vic for a drink and when Jane expresses doubts about leaving, Tanya thinks she’s changed her mind. Jane doesn’t know how to tell Tanya that she’s going despite her doubts after a delighted Tanya reveals her relief that Jane is staying.

Bianca is shocked when Ray turns up and offers to cook dinner for her and the family. Bianca awkwardly agrees to let him in but when he mentions he has another daughter she kicks him out. Ray is determined to stay in Walford and applies for Jane’s chef job at the Vic.

Also, Kat goes to stay with Charlie, who has been taken ill with a stroke.