Roxy thinks Alfie should borrow money from Jean to pay off Derek. Alfie feels uncomfortable asking so Roxy tells Jean that Alfie needs money for Spencer. When Alfie says Roxy has made him feel small, she feels bad. Alfie takes the money anyway and gives it to Derek. Alfie’s nervous when Derek tells him to keep the cash – he’d rather have Alfie where he wants him.

Ian takes delivery of the new neon sign for the grand opening of the cafe. Lucy is hopeful that Ian has named the cafe after her. At the launch, everyone is surprised when the neon sign is unveiled and it says ‘Mandy’s’. Lucy is upset and Mandy hides her embarrassment. Later, when Ian sneers about Billy, a fuming Lola lets slip that Mandy gave Billy his alibi as she was with another man at the time…

Bianca invites Shenice for dinner but Carol’s worried they won’t have enough. When Bianca tries to sell Janine make-up to raise cash for food shopping Michael interrupts, offering Bianca a job cleaning Heather’s flat. Bianca considers taking the food from the cupboards but Michael chucks it. Bianca goes hungry so the family can eat. She’s upset to find Tiff and Shenice scraping their food into the bin.