Derek plays games with Jack

Derek hints to Jack that Roxy has shut him out of his relationship with Amy. Derek tells Jack that he has a daughter, Chrissy, who doesn’t even know who he is. Jack is moved when Derek says he doesn’t want the same for Jack and Amy. Derek heads out to secretly take care of things with Roxy. Meanwhile, Roxy learns Derek is due another delivery of dodgy booze and tells Alfie they need to intercept it, not realising that she’s being watched from the shadows…

Anthony wants to introduce Amira to Alfie. He’s anxious when the ‘quiet drink’ turns into a huge family roast. When Amira and Anthony return to the Moons’ he tries to seduce her. Anthony’s disappointed when Amira rejects him, and worries it’s because of the state of the house.

Dot is shocked when Rose reads out a steamy excerpt from one of her mystery love letters. Rose heads out for the evening. Dot and Cora take matters into their own hands and go through Rose belongings to find out the identity of the man behind the love letters.

Also, Fat Boy is thrilled when Janine asks him to do a regular night at the club.