Derek rescues Joey and Lauren!

Joey pulls himself free from the wreckage of the car as Lauren lies unconscious. Lauren comes round, but they’re both trapped in the shop as the car burns. Derek has found out where they are and rushes to the scene, pulling them to safety as the car explodes in a fireball.

As they wait for the emergency services to arrive, Derek learns that Lauren was driving – and she’s been drinking. Derek convinces Joey to say he was driving to avoid Lauren getting a prison sentence. Derek’s ‘concern’ is just another way to manipulate Joey. He tells him to act the loving son or dump Lauren. Steeling himself to do the best for him and Lauren, Joey tells Lauren he doesn’t love her, breaking her heart. Meanwhile, Derek warns Tanya not to cross him or he’ll tell the police the truth about Lauren driving.

Tanya’s shocked to find out that Ava has left, telling Cora she doesn’t want anything to do with her. A devastated Cora tells Tanya that giving up Ava broke her heart and she hasn’t loved anyone properly since. Cora tells Patrick she’s disgusted by his betrayal in telling Tanya about Ava and doesn’t want to see him again.