Derek terrorises Lucy!

Derek is interrupted railing at Lucy for getting Alice drunk by his parole officer Joseph. Derek insists to Joseph he’s a changed man. When Lucy grasses up Derek, Joseph warns Derek that the trust between them has gone. While Derek tries to sort things out, a fed up Alice leaves. Derek blames Lucy and takes more money from the till, warning Lucy that she’s made a dangerous enemy…

Tanya and Max have a huge bust up and bring up their past infidelities. As the argument intensifies the old passion returns and they fall into each other’s arms. Their relationship finally cemented, Tanya wants things to be back the way it used to be and proposes. When Max is hesitant Tanya is hurt, but Max insists he wants the proposal to be special.

Alfie tells Kat that Eddie has lent them the VAT money. Michael catches Kat and Jean in Butchers Joints looking for evidence of the stolen money. Kat’s wound up when Michael stays cool and confronts Janine who is equally unruffled. Kat’s furious when she and Jean are arrested for harassment. Janine reveals that Eddie is broke and Kat realises Alfie lied.

Also, Poppy returns to the Square; Abi is offered a scholarship to Costa Rica for the summer.