Derek tries to change his ways

Derek’s desperate to prove to Alice that he’s a changed man and he asks Jack for a job at the car lot. Jack is impressed with Derek’s sales technique until he finds out Derek has conned the customers over the monthly payments. Realising that he’s past redemption, Derek gets an idea when Cora says that Alice will take him as she finds him. Derek decides he doesn’t actually need to go straight – Alice just needs to think he has!

Michael decides to return Jean’s money, but Janine whisks the cash away from him as a deposit on a new wedding reception venue. Michael tries to sneak away from the Square with Janine on their Paris trip without seeing Jean, but she catches him. Pleading with Michael for the money, Jean is horrified when Michael makes out he has no idea what she’s talking about…

Denise is unimpressed when Kim treats herself to a lie-in while she puts in hard graft to get the bed and Breakfast ready for the grand opening. Kim then inadvertently gets Sasha into trouble by agreeing to help her book tickets for a West End show online. Ray’s furious when Sasha’s given detention for using Kim’s credit card at school.