Derek is made to look a fool after a heated encounter with Roxy and Shirley over Jack and Amy. A vengeful Derek obtains a snap of Roxy from the club’s CCTV… Roxy riles Derek even further after another argument over Amy. Roxy steals Derek’s mobile to get the number for his contact for the dodgy booze he’s arranging for the Vic. Later, Derek shows Jack the print out of Roxy’s face, grimly suggesting that ‘accidents happen’.

Whitney convinces Janine to let Fat Boy do a DJ slot to make things up to him. Fat Boy is chuffed when Janine approaches him until he finds out that Whitney arranged it. Whitney, Lauren and Lucy drum up interest for the ‘Manic Monday’ night. Fat Boy agrees to do the night when he sees how many people have turned up. Despite his success he’s left on a downer when he spots Tyler and Whitney kissing.

Amira is fed up when Syed forces her to do a shift on their new stall. She cons Anthony into helping her. Syed is angry to find Amira shirking her responsibilities. Amira knuckles down to the job and shifts a lot of stock after learning from Anthony’s sales techniques. Amira kisses Anthony as a thank you.