Des and Ravi come to blows!

Des struggles to convince his racist sister Rose to give Jacqui a go, but Rose is disgusted that Jacqui had a mixed race sister. Things go from bad to worse when she then hears that Jacqui has also been in jail. Rose is determined to cause trouble for the happy couple and when she winds Des up that Jacqui is more interested in Ravi than him, Des decides to take Ravi on in a boxing match.

Gaz is aggrieved when Lauren and Anita mend their friendship, he feels jealous and wants to be the only one in Lauren’s life. When they start to plan a girls-only trip to Paris, Gaz sees red. He makes Lauren choose – Anita or him!

Charlotte is feeling political and ropes Kris into helping her organise a Lesbian, Gay and Bi-Sexual night at the SU Bar. But she doesn’t get the reaction she hoped for. Also, an infuriated Dave cries discrimination, and insists that he be allowed to come to the SU Bar.

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