Duncan feels like an outsider in Ricky’s life. Unaware that Zak’s panicking about his attack on Tariq, Des blags that he’s thinking of organising a five-a-side, but Kris remains suspicious. Looking to discredit Kris, Des overhears a disgruntled Duncan refer to him as Ricky’s ‘boyfie’.

Kris is outraged by Des’s inference, but forgets it all when Ricky confides in him about his fall out with Duncan. Putting a friendly arm around Ricky’s shoulders Des slyly takes a picture, then sends a threatening message to Calvin.

Cheryl returns from Spain but is left gobsmacked at the atmosphere between Sasha and Lauren. Sasha admits to Calvin how rubbish she feels for framing Gaz, and decides to retract her statement. Meanwhile, Cheryl is coming to terms with an agitated Lauren’s ‘pregnancy’. As Sasha and Lauren argue Calvin interrupts them with Gaz in tow, they all agree to listen to his plea for them to keep him in their lives.

Also: Steph tells Jake about a gardening job at Hollyoaks High. Hearing that Jake has an interview at the school, Steph’s optimistic. But Jake’s paranoia grows and he flees the school, convinced he’ll always be a loser. Meanwhile, Cheryl’s supportive when she hears Jem found Steph’s letter declaring her undying love for Gilly.

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