Since Tess was killed in a hit and run, the killer driver’s identity (Kirin) has remained a mystery. No one bar Rakesh knows it was his son who drunkenly mowed down the teaching assistant in his car and left her for dead. But Tess’s widowed husband is determined to find out who was responsible and is setting up camp in Emmerdale to get the job done. At the scene of the crime, Pierce starts by handing out flyers appealing for witnesses.

When Andy spots a card to Moira sent from Debbie, he confronts Moira for information. He wants to know where Debbie has disappeared to with their kids. Moira relents – unaware that Holly is listening in…

The enormity of having a little sister to look after dawns on Aaron when he realises he has forgotten to take Liv to school! When Sandra then turns up and announces she’s taking her daughter to live in Dublin for good, Liv refuses to go.

Joanie starts rifling through bins in a bid to find her missing engagement ring.