Desperate Dan visits Chas in prison (VIDEO)

A lot of people have a lot of questions for Chas, but perhaps Dan has more than most. That’s why he goes to see her in prison. He saw for himself in the courtroom that Chas had eyes only for Cameron and that she cared only about keeping Cameron safe from Cain. Now he needs to know why she treated him so badly. Was it all just a game? Was she just using him? Dan needs to face Chas and see for himself if she is a heartless cow, or if maybe he did mean something to her.

Gennie’s efforts to make peace with Katie are wasted when Katie insults her and suggests Gennie is jealous of her. Wow! Princess Katie has become a royal pain! Furious, Gennie goes to Megan and tells her exactly how Katie used the CCTV to set up Robbie at the stables a couple of months ago. Hah! Now Megan thinks she’s got the ammunition she needs to blow Katie and Declan apart and put herself back at Declan’s side…

Paddy needs someone at his side when he finds himself literally up the creek without a paddle! Paddy was trying to take his mind off his problems by canoeing, but loses his oar!

*Second episode*

So, Dan wanted answers from Chas and he gets them. Chas tells her husband everything… She tells him about her affair with Cameron, how Carl found out about it and blackmailed them, threatening to tell Debbie. Then she tells Dan about how the bitter and jealous Carl was furious that she married Dan and how she had to kill him because he was trying to rape her. Dan’s angry and hurt, but he sees Chas is hurting more and he can’t help loving her. It’s Dan who’s more of a man than Carl or Cameron ever were when he tells Chas he loves her and will always be there if she needs him.

Declan’s hurt and angry, too, when Megan tells him how Katie set up Robbie with the CCTV. He tells Megan to get out then turns on Katie and demands the truth. Katie tells him everything, but says she did it for them. It’s clear, though, that Declan’s wondering just who this woman is that he has married.

Marlon wonders what has happened to Paddy, the man who used to be his best mate. Marlon rescues Paddy, who’s stuck in his canoe, and has a joke about it. But Paddy’s not laughing. He would have seen the funny side once, but now Paddy just feels like a complete failure.