Darren panics under the pressure and he’s rumbled when Callum sends everyone to The Dog instead of the Kanes’ house. Darren’s furious as the hoard of underage revelers arrive, led by Callum. He sneaks out to the Kanes’ house and, in a bid to make it look like they’ve trashed the place, takes a sledgehammer to a wall, resulting in the ceiling coming down on top of him.

In the car home after their date, John Paul, Doug and Leanne aren’t talking to each other after their unsuccessful night out. However, when they get a flat tyre, it seems they’re going to have to pull together.

At the club, Kevin sets about trying to manipulate Brendan and lies to him about how his Uncle Robert abused him when he was younger. As the two men hug, Ste spots the intimate moment and begins to worry.

Also, things continue to be strained between Trudy and Jacqui but things are soon going to get much worse.